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Let's make this the year of the urban farmer!

There are many reasons to grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

  • fresh produce - crisp, crunchy carrots
  • juicy, flavorful, tomatoes
  • organic if you choose
    (keep chemicals out of your food supply)
  • rewarding - ever grow a perfect, purple eggplant?
  • healthy - eat more greens!
  • gardening is great exercise
  • pulling weeds is awesome stress relief
  • family bonding time
    (encourages little ones to eat their veggies)

With your backyard soil (or patio containers), and our support (advice and plant stock), together, we can make this a healthful & delicious gardening season of fresh-grown vegetables and herbs for your family & friends to enjoy!

The menu to the right contains links to pages with information that will encourage your success in growing your own food, in your own backyard, and interesting stories on the subject as well.

Our "Juicy Tomatoes" page is dedicated to FAQ's (frequently asked questions) about vegetable gardening. If you have a vegetable gardening question for us, please submit it to:

We will consult with our panel of experienced vegetable/herb gardeners to give you the best advice possible for our climate.

Click on a topic to learn more...

Where Do I Begin?
(seeds or seedlings)

Put On Your Mittens!
(cold-tolerant crops)

The Plot Thickens...
(planning the garden layout)

Here comes the sun!
(sun requirements)

Mother Earth
(garden soil)

Testing, 1-2-3, Testing...
(soil analysis)


Juicy Tomatoes
(& other growing tips)

Yummy Compost?
(that's what your veggies think)

Worms at work

Fun for kids, too!
(kids gardening resources)

Questions/concerns regarding the Clover's Garden Center website, please e-mail:
web page updated: 02.26.14