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Get the mulch you need: use our mulch calculator.

Why mulch?

  • The use of mulch helps to lessen the amount of work involved with creating an awesome garden.
  • Mulch helps prevent weeds by smothering them out.
  • The blanket of mulch reduces your need to water by holding the moisture in the soil.
  • The blanket of mulch protects your plants from "soil splashing" during rain/watering which prevents soil borne diseases from attacking plant foliage.
  • Mulch protects the roots of your plants by moderating soil temperatures from extreme air temperature changes.
  • Mulch adds organic matter to the soil as it breaks down, thus, feeding your plants.
  • Aesthetically speaking, it makes your garden look clean and neat.


What is the best mulch for your needs?

Vegetable Gardens: grass clippings and organic matter that decomposes more quickly

Flower Beds:cedar, hardwood, cocoa bean, bark

General Landscaping:cedar, hardwood, cocoa bean, bark

Visit our hard goods page...


How do I apply mulch to my garden?

  1. Remove weeds! Yes, you will need to weed at least once, but the earlier in the spring that you attend to this step the less weeds there will be to pull. (Of course, dandelions and creeping charlie are the first to show up in the garden.)
  2. Water the soil, to add moisture to the soil that the mulch will help to hold in the ground. You will still need to water, but mulch will help prevent excessive evaporation. Also, a slow soaker hose is less water wasteful.
  3. Apply the mulch evenly, 2-4 inches thick, avoiding mounding mulch around trunks and the base of perennials.


How much mulch do I need?

Use our handy mulch calculator to find out...

 Mulch Calculator 
depth (in inches): 
Width (in feet): 
Length (in feet): 
Volume: cubic feet. 
To Get @ Clover's: bags of mulch (2 cu.ft.). 

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