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Clover's Garden Center sells mums in Spring and Fall.

At Clover's Garden Center,

we would like to assist you in making your garden "bloom!"

Listed below are some websites that we recommend as sources of information that you might find useful.

The Chicago Botanic Garden, located on the North Shore of Chicago is an inspiration to gardeners, and their website is a gardening resource:

The Morton Arboretum, located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago is a location to offer inspiration to gardeners, and their website is a useful gardening resource, too:

The University of Illinois - Cooperative Extension is a very large resource for gardeners, especially if you are interested in vegetable gardening:

The University of Illinois Extension - Chicago Home Composting

Do you have a favorite gardening resource on the web?
Tell us about it, and we may post it here.
E-mail us at:

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