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Dear Gardening Friend,

Thank you for subscribing to Clover's Garden Center's Real Landscape E-News. This is our first year to provide our favorite customers with a way to communicate with us, even when we are not yet present in your community. (Actually, this is our very first E-News.) So, we are excited about this newsletter, and look forward to bringing you news and events about our garden center locations, along with valuable coupons, interesting plant facts, and informative planting information. In order to make this newsletter a worthwhile read for you, we would appreciate any feedback you would like to give us on information you would be interested in reading about in this format. You can drop us an e-mail at at any time, with your suggestions.

Pansies are cheerful spring flowers.Planning for Spring

Pouring over seed catalogs and gardening magazines, helps to remind us that winter shall pass into spring. Although, with all this white, fluffy stuff covering my Chicago backyard - I am beginning to wonder, when??? So, just like you, we at Clover's Garden Center, have also been pouring over catalogs & magazines, reading trade articles, attending garden & landscaping conferences, and talking to our growers to stay on top of what's new and what's hot for planting in this upcoming season. We want to provide you with the best possible plant stock, so that you can create those flower beds, window boxes, and container plantings that you have been reading and dreaming about. If you have any suggestions for plants or supplies you would like to purchase at our location near you - please send a note to: with the plant you are looking for, along with the store location nearest you. We will try our best to find your suggestions, and make them available for you to purchase.

Pansies sing spring.Fundraising 101

Is your school, community organization, garden club, church group, or youth group looking for ways to raise funds for the organization? Then, look no further…we have put together an easy to coordinate fundraiser, utilizing our garden centers. Many members of your group may already be shopping at Clover's, and this fundraiser would allow them to make money for their group - doing something they had already planned to do. For more information on how our fundraising program works, please click on the following link (it will take you to the Clover's Garden Center web site):

Pansies bring early spring color.The Gardener in March

~ inspect your trees and shrubs for damage from the harsh winter - schedule a tree trimmer to remove any dangerous or precarious branches & tie up any shrubs or evergreens that may have split due to heavy snow loads (bent branches may recuperate, broken ones need to be pruned away to prevent disease).

~ Branches of flowering shrubs and trees like: forsythias, pussy willows, crabapples, and serviceberries can be pruned and brought inside to force blooms. Place cuttings in fresh water, and enjoy some early spring color inside!

~ Get outside on nice sunny days, and look for signs of spring, the first crocus, snow drop, or hyacinth to burst forth from the garden soil - always a happy thought. (once the snow melts)

~Leave on the mulch! If you put extra mulch on your plants for winter, avoid the temptation to remove it too soon, we can still get some mighty cold and snowy days in March.

~ Plan for this year's garden - look for areas you want to improve, noting the microclimate for the particular area in your garden, to make the best plant choices. Bring your notes in to one of our garden centers in April, and we can offer you suggestions for plants that will work for you.

Pansies are available for sale at Clover's Garden Center.Now Hiring

We are always looking for people who like working outdoors, with people and plants, if you are interested in working for Clover's Garden Center, or know someone who might be, please visit our employment page at the following link: On the employment page you will find a link to our online job application, and other methods for applying to work at one of our many neighborhood locations.

Pansies are cold tolerant spring

In addition to this newsletter, we have also been updating our website to make it more informative and useful to you, please visit it, and let us know what you think…

You may e-mail your comments and suggestions to:

Pansies are available for purchase on opening day.Opening Day

We are presently putting together the schedule of opening days for our Chicagoland locations, and look forward to bringing this information to you in an upcoming newsletter.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to seeing you soon!


Clover's Garden Girl

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