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Clovers Garden Center sells topsoil, mulch, potting mix, organic peat, and composted manure.

We strive to be the best local garden center.

Got Dirt? We do!

We also have mulch, potting mix, organic peat, soil amendments, composted manure...
and we have friendly staff on hand, to help load it in your vehicle.

Below is a list of hard goods that we sell at most of our locations.
(You can check availability by calling your local store location.)


  • top soil
  • top soil with Miracle Gro
  • enriched garden soil


  • potting soil
  • potting soil with Miracle Gro
  • Miracle Gro with Moisture Control

Our potting soil comes in a variety of sized bags, to meet your potting needs.


  • composted manure (sterilized & non-smelling)
  • mushroom compost
  • organic peat
  • play sand


  • cedar
  • cocoa bean
  • cypress
  • hardwood
  • pine

Try our mulch calculator,
and get the amount you need!

Why Mulch?

Garden mulch is very beneficial to you plants and landscaping.

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about mulching...

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Clover's Garden Center sells Miracle Gro with moisture control potting mix.

Miracle Gro with Moisture Control potting mix works wonders in your container plantings, keeping them from drying out too quickly on hot summer days. Also, it contains Miracle Gro time-released fertilizer, which will feed your plants so they thrive in abundance! It's available at Clover's Garden Centers.

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about composting...

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about vermicomposting...

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