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Grow Your Favorite Veggies!

Our "Grow Your Favorite Veggies!" field trip experience focuses on the rewarding experience of vegetable gardening.

kid with veggies

Children will discover vegetables that can be grown in the Chicago area (zone 5), and discussion of vegetables that are "tender" and will not grow in our cold climate.

They will learn to recognize vegetable plants from weeds, how to weed a vegetable garden, and prevent weeds, too!

Just as children grow, so do vegetables! So, children will learn about the space requirements for different vegetable plants - a tomato needs much more space than a radish!

We will discuss what a vegetable plant needs to grow and thrive, including sunlight, water, and soil.

Each child will then get the opprtunity to pick their favorite vegetable plant from our selection at Clover's Garden Center, and transplant it to take home.

If your group is interested, this presentation can be modified to discuss growing herbs, as well.

Age Range:

children ages 3 to 10 years old

Note: we adapt our program to be age appropriate for your group.

Group Size:

minumum group size: 5
maximum group size: 25

Length of Event:

1 hour


We offer field trips to all of our open
Clover's Garden Center locations.


Monday through Thursday


Tour times start at 10:00 a.m.
Last tour of the day at 6:30 p.m.
Please see Field Trip Application for exact times.

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Field Trip
Application Files

Field Trip Application
(web page format)

Field Trip Application
(Word .docx format)

Field Trip Application
(.pdf format)

Fee (per child): $3.00

The fee includes a tour, lesson in vegetable gardening, a potted vegetable plant to take home, & coloring/activity book.

Note: Adult chaperones are required to stay with the group and are always free!


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