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It's all about bugs...butterfly

Bugs can be helpful in the garden, or they can be a terrible destructive pest. It is important to know which bugs help to protect the garden, and which ones to remove before they eat your crop.

Helpful bugs are ones that help the plant grow, like worms, that aerate the soil and make fertilizer for the plant's roots, or butterflies and honeybees that pollinate the flowers to produce fruit or seeds.

Bugs that are trouble are ones that eat the plant or fruit, like the spotted cucumber beetle, cabbage looper, aphids, tomato hornworm, emerald ash borer, and caterpillars , or ones that damage the plants roots, like grubs.

Other bugs that can be indirectly helpful to the garden are the ones that eat garden pests, like ladybugs, green lacewings, & the praying mantis, love to eat little green aphids. Ants, spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, and dragon flies will also eat other bugs, too!

If you would like, you can print this page.

Then, put a "O" around the bugs that are helpful in the garden, & put an "X" on the ones that are not!


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