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Kid's gardening is fun! At Clover's Garden Center, we would like to help you to encourage your children to explore gardening...

Adult Resources:

We offer field trip experiences to our community locations in the Chicago area for pre-schools, elementary schools, home-school students, church groups, scout groups, day camps, and birthday parties for children.

There are four different options for exploring gardening with your children:

Fun With Flowers!

flowerOur "Fun With Flowers!" experience focuses on types of flowers (annuals, biennials, and perennials) flower parts, and planning a flower garden.
Learn more...

Grow Your Favorite Veggies!

tomatoOur "Grow Your Favorite Veggies!" field trip experience focuses on types of vegetables that grow in our area, how to plant and grow different vegetables, planning a vegetable garden or herb container garden.
Learn more...

Pick A Pot & Plant It!

flower potOur "Pick A Pot & Plant it!" experience focuses on creating a beautiful container garden full of flowers and accent plants, considering sunshine, watering, color schemes, and design. This one is great fun for children's parties!
Learn more...

Pick A Pumpkin!

pumpkinOur "Pick A Pumpkin!" experience is a fun, fall event for small children. Each child will get to pick a pumpkin from our giant pumpkin patch, enjoy an autumn story or game, and other activities, too! Learn more...

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