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one of Clover's Garden Center locations in the Chicago areaClover's Garden Center is a family run business, with a unique concept in seasonal presentation. At our fifteen Chicago area locations, we arrive each spring to offer a spectacular display of the highest quality flower and vegetable plants. For over thirty-five years we have earned a reputation as having the tradition of unsurpassed quality and excellence for local gardeners and their communities. This leadership in garden retailing is based on the longstanding reputation of the Kuehnle family. For over fifty years we have been at the forefront of providing Chicagoland with the finest quality bedding plants from our family of farms in Michigan.

In 1957 Robert Kuehnle, Sr., began selling bedding plants grown in Michigan at his neighborhood grocery store on the south side of Chicago. He pledged that he would sell only the highest quality plants to local gardeners. That pledge has withstood three generations of plant retailing and a fifteen fold increase in the number of store locations. We at Clover's Garden Center select only the finest plants for display at our stores. While on site, they are expertly maintained by our sales' staff, who keep them healthy and fresh looking. Customers will never find dried out, uncared for plants, as they do at most retail chain stores. What a Clover's customer does find, is the largest selection of bedding plant varieties in the Chicago area, and at reasonable prices. That includes over 75 vegetable types, over 60 herb types, 100's of annual flower types, 100's of perennial types, and a giant selection of top quality roses.

As well as unsurpassed plant selection and quality, customers will have their questions and concerns professionally addressed by our knowledegable and friendly sales' staff. For in-depth answers, customers may put to test the knowledge of one of our resident horticulturists. A Kuehnle family member is on site daily to assure that excellence is delivered on all fronts.

It was recently cited on the evening news, that gardening is fast becoming America's favorite pastime. Each spring residents in the proximity of a Clover's Garden Center look forward to our return for the quality, abundance, and variety of plants we offer their garden. At our Clover's locations, the shopping center managers and other tenants look forward to the large number of customers we bring to their doorstep. They enjoy our bringing a festive and lively, natural splash of color, to an otherwise gray slab of parking lot.

We at Clover's Garden Center reaffirm our growing tradition of quality and excellence. We strive to make our presence a benefit to local gardeners, shopping center management, other shopping center tenants, and the community as a whole.

Note: our stores are located all around the Chicago area, in Cook, Du Page, and Kane counties of Illinois.

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